Home Updates/Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance Items:

  • Clean Gutters and add Leaf filter caps on gutters
  • Large crushed stone for back of fence and perimeter - small blue stone chips fall through
  • Duct Cleaning 
  • Upgrade new  Xfinity Modem - In Process

  • Fix Kitchen Chandelier
  • Fix  Outdoor Outlets Front of House  (not a fuse checked)
  • Fix Deck Steps Backyard
  • New A/C Unit for Kitchen Zone
  • New Roof Main House**
  • New gutters with shields
  • Back Gate Repair it sticks Dad broke lock see if it can be repaired
  • Fix Inground Sprinklers
  • Exterior Backflow Value needs replacing (before sprinklers fix)
  • Fix walkway to backyard where it's starting to cave in
  • Replace Ceiling Fans that don't work
  • Fix bathroom outlet
  • Fix smoke Alarm near cellar door (hard Wired install new one - Have )
  • Install new hard wired smoke alarm upstairs  (have replacing existing)
  • Fix lights outside switch isn't working (note :circuit breakers not tripped)
  • Fix balcony Outlet and outdoor lights looks like master needs replacing
  • Fix outlets on terraces
  • Re-pitch drive to drain toward street and resurface driveways
  • New outdoor light my driveway side Flood Light
  • New outdoor light that works correctly motion light doesn't always my driveway
  • Repair Middle Flower Beds and corners of back flower beds
  • Fix ceiling fans with bulbs stuck in them that I can't get out
  • Resurface driveway
  • Repair/Replace front door trim

Mom's House Repairs
  • Replace Mom's roof
  • Paint Front on Moms House
  • Paint Moms Garage
  • Put solar light on her house numbers (have it installed after I paint it )
  • Fix Mom's porch roof where it bangs in the wind
  • Bathroom Ceiling Light Panel
  • Install new Battery Operated Smoke Alarms in additional spots - Note checked existing ones May 7th all  are functioning. 

Updates To My House:
  • Add Railing to Front Door stairs for Mom
  • Make Mini Deck to Mirror other driveway with landing and railings instead of cement steps 
  • Reface foundation -Grayson Mortar Concrete ledge Stone Flat Panel s 100 SQ FT-Home Depot
  • Add Gate to Central Air Units to make into give it a cleaner appearance
  • Phantom Screens - For  All French Doors
  • Backyard brick area build a pergola or better yet roofed in area and can add phantom screens remote control panels to make a screen in patio
  • Security Cameras with 4 Terra bites with night scope recording capability full perimeter of house
  • French Drain outdoor perimeter of house will need before sprinkler fix as it leaks into basement
  • - Heated mats for driveways to melt the snow so you don't have to shovel
  • Roof Over Back Doors
  • Pergola Style with roof  for Guest Driveway for Shade
  • Portico Roof over brickway in back yard (grill area )

**Roof Replacement Research

Nationally, the average homeowner spends about $7655 to install a new roof and most spend within the range of $5,195 to 10,135.00. There are certain cities that are higher than average (Denver $9000. and others below average Austin Texas ($7000.)

Always get quotes from 3 to 4 professionals and they should be within margin of $2000 to $3000.    If you hire a roof inspector first their rate is between $100 to $300 and can be helpful in decision process.

It's important to note that price fluctuates depending on factors size, pitch, How the roof is installed on your frame, Layers, code requirements, Products and supplies, exhaust pipes etc.
Also, when getting an estimate, it is important to know they are going to quote a per square basis.  100 square feet is considered a roofing square. The per square rate contains relevant factors The prices of the shingles, supplies, protective element., removal of waste, Labor, Roofing Prices, Roofing materials alone cost anywhere from $100 per square foot to 1000 per square foot depending on the type you choose.  For an average roof of 17 squares (according to Us Census Bureau which puts the average home size at 2,200 square feet and two stories that makes the average total price as follows $2500 for 3 -tab asphalt shingle, $3000 galvanized Steel, and $20,000 for high end options.   These quotes break out to 40% product and 60% labor

Cost to Tear off and Replace Roof
The removal of an old roof can cost $1 to $5 per square foot.  The job averages $1000 to $1500.  Some contractors charge hourly which can run from $40 to $80 per hour.  Also, if you have rotting timbers or need heavier supports for heavy mater al (like slate roof) you can expect to pay an extra $1000 to 10,000 depending on what sort of repairs and reinforcement it requires.

Roofing Pros often factor removal into the project quote alongside replacement.  The rate fluctuates based on material, complexity and workload. Removing the old shingles are the hardest part of the job.


-Addition over kitchen for upstairs bathroom and closets for Master then make hall closet into 1/2  bathroom move clothes in closet to new master closet

- If can't do addition than add roof deck with french doors in  master bedroom and guest bedroom Make it reall beautifully with circular sectional couch  roofing for shade  and perhaps  table and chair set and loungers, candles, flowers, and more make it enchanting 


  • May 31 2022 -  New Battery Operated Fire Alarms - First Floor , Basement , Upstairs Hall and Master Bedroom -  These are good for 12 years, basement one good for 10 years - they take 9 volt batteries

  • Still need to hire electrician to replace hardwired ones.  Note have new alarms waiting to be installed  - two locations that are already wired for them just need them to be switched out

Car Maintenance 
  • May 30, 2022 - Oil Change, Radiator Flush,
  • May  4th Car Inspected
  • February  Battery Replaced
  • Two new Tires 2022

Note :  Hood Latch  sometimes sticks so when it does and hood doesn't close look at passenger side under hood two clips one located in front one further back its the one further back that sticks can unstick with screwdriver  you will hear the latch release click to know you fixed it so it can close.

Still need to retrieve my mirror that fell between back seat and trunk when the rear seat is down

Note : Car needs new sensor for leveling engine light on for this sensor and a few other fixes