Disney's Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 

Magic Kingdom

  • Space Mountain

      Thrill Ride Roller Coaster in the dark 
      with big drops
      Duration 2:30
      G Force - 3.7
      Height  - 90 Feet
      Drop 26 Feet
      Length - 3,196 Feet

  • Splash Mountain

      Log Flume Ride .  The Orlando location 
      has 5 drops whereas California only has
      3 drops. 
      Orlando is 2600 Feet and California 
      is 2640 feet 
      Audio Animatronics - 68 Orlando 
      and 103 in California 
      Duration - Disneyland ride is 9:18 
      and Orlando is Magic Kingdom is 
      11:45 minutes
      Speed 45 mph
      Drop 52.5 Feet

  • Big Thunder Mountain

      Mine Train with a Chain Lift 
      Launching System
      Height 104 Feet
      Speed 35 MPH
      Duration 3:00
      Single Lap Bar Restraint


  • Guardian of the Galaxy

      Dark Ride Attraction Coming Soon !!

  • Mission Space 
     This ride cost $100 Million to create 
      Centrifugal Motion Stimulator Ride - Spinning and tilting seal capsule fans blow air to help riders avoid motion sickness
       2.5 G Force - more than twice the force of gravity at Earth surface effectively multiplying riders weight by 2.5 you must keep your
        head  flat against the headrest otherwise you can suffer serious side effects.
      1600 Riders Per Hour
       Riders per vehicle 4 all being in one row
       Duration3:55 Minutes
       Motion Sickness Bags in the cockpit

Warnings for this ride include enclosed dark spaces, simulators spinning, prone to motion sickness should not ride.  Causes Nausea, Diizziness, Headaches, disorientation, people that suffer from inner ear problems or have a history of Migraines, vertigo or elevated anxiety should NOT ride this ride.

Its important to note several people have been rushed to hospital for chest pains and  several have  died from this ride .  One person was 4 year old with an undiagnosed heart condition.  Other people have had a stroke on this ride and one person died of the stroke due to heighten blood pressure brought on by the ride. Another visitor suffered a brain bleed and later died citing the high blood pressure the ride induces was the cause.  Others died of lack of oxygen due to pre-existing heart condition

Details cited on Wikipedia - List of Incidents at Walt Disney World 

I would strongly encourage to AVOID this Ride Less than 6 minutes it could change your life or take your life its not really worth the experience.

Animal Kingdom

  • Expedition Everest  Roller Coaster
     Cost 100,000,000
     Chain Lift Launch System
     Height 199 Feet
     Drop 80ft Drop
     Speed 50 MPH
     Duration 2:50
      G Force 3.0
     Individual Lap Bar

      Yeti Fun Fact - The yeti is the largest most complex audio animatronic figure every built. Its i 25 feet and measures 1000 square feet and is held in place 1000 snaps and 250 zippers . It can move 5 ft horizontally and 18 vertically. The Yeti roars are provided by voice actor Fred Tatasciore famous for his work as the Hulk in animated shows and films.  A few years after the ride open in 2006 the Yeti figure framing split and is no longer functional  in A mode and B mode is strobe light to give the illusion of movement. Some fans nicknamed him Disco Yeti.

In 2011 this ride won the Guiness World Records for the most expensive roller coaster in the world.  In 2019 the record was surpassed by Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures that cost $300m to build.

Please Note - 3 people have died on this ride . 44 year old man who died of dilated cardiomyopathy in 2007.  In 2018 a 26 year old man suffered a seizure while riding this attraction. In 2019  a 41 year old woman suffered a seizure while riding this attraction.

Avatar Flight of Passage 

3D Flying Simulator Ride 
On Feb 27 2018 After 4 Incidents with Guests occurred Disney Added Warning Cards for riders before entering the ride.  The cards were similar to those on Mission Space and warned riders about Fear of Heights, Motion Sickness and Seat restraints.  These cards were removed in 2018 and replaced with a message that plays only in que room immediately before the ride experience.

Duration 4.5 Minutes

Hollywood Studios

  • Tower of Terror 
      Drop Tower Dark Ride
      Height 199 Ft
      Drop 130 FT
       Speed 39 MPH
       G Force 1.3
       Florida - 8 Vehicles
       21 riders per vehicle
        3 rows
        7 riders per row
        Duration : 3:34

  • Rock "N" Roller Coaster - Currently Closed
     Electromagnetic technology for acceleration which propels riders from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds Riders experience up to 5 G and
      travel through 3 inversions which include a sea serpent  roll and a corkscrew
     80 FT
     Duration 1:22
     1800 Riders per hour 
     5 G Force